A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Josh is a musician and a game-jammer who got abducted in the middle of the day.

Now he has to solve some riddles and puzzles in each layer of the room under 100 seconds.


This game is made as a part of WEEKLY GAME JAM 100 and 8 Bits to Infinity's PUZZLE JAM. The theme of WEEKLY GAME JAM 100 is "100", and the theme of PUZZLE JAM is "Black and White".

It is also open-sourced: https://github.com/Raccoon-JS/Puzzle-Jam


Most, but not all, of the assets are public domain, but there are some I would like to mention.

Josh's sprites by isaiah658 [ http://bitly.ws/46Ij ]
The floor tiles by Cethiel [ http://bitly.ws/46Ik ]
The door by kungfu4000 [ http://bitly.ws/46Ip ]

But these below are licensed with special permission.

The wall tiles by Tiziana [ http://bitly.ws/46Ir ]
Copyright (C) 1991, 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc. [ http://bitly.ws/46Iv ]
Copyright © 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc. <https: fsf.org=""></https:>
Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) [ http://bitly.ws/46Iw ]
"LPC Goat" by bluecarrot16. License: CC-BY 3.0 / GPL 2.0+ Based on "LPC Style Farm Animals" by Daniel Eddeland (daneeklu), commissioned by Thomas Bruno (tebruno99). License: CC-BY 3.0 / GPL 2+. http://opengameart.org/content/lpc-style-farm-animals
Old man sprite by Erik Ylvisaker. [http://bitly.ws/484Y]

Joshua McLean has gave a permission to use images of himself in this game.
Contains music ©2019 Joshua McLean (mrjoshuamclean.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

50s bit
Lights Out
Night Chip


100_Seconds_Window.zip 61 MB
100_Seconds_Linux.zip 63 MB
100_Seconds-MAC.zip 63 MB


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Watch Puzzle Jam [8 Bits to Infinity] Feedback Part 1 from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv


I also thought that screen shader was really cool, first thing that impressed me. The music was also great!

I almost got stuck on the 2nd puzzle bc I couldn't figure out how you got a 'C' out of 4 bits and then I found the 2nd set of bits.

Entered C01100100 on the second puzzle, didn't seem to be working. Not sure if I'm missing something there.

The tv screen shader is really cool. I like the art and sound as well.

Try the letter 'C' in binary

Ahh, misread the hint. Had to look up a table though because there was no way I was remembering the ASCII code for it

Yea I had to as well, I can never remember which number A starts with.