A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is an entry for GameMaker's Toolkit Game Jam 2019.

The main theme is Only One.

With this theme, I tried to make a game where you move the player character only with ONE BUTTON (Space), ONE NARRATIVE (Hero's Journey, hence the title), and ONE COLOR (Monochrome).

To quit the game, press ESC.

All of the assets are either made by me or public domain.


H3R0-Window.zip 14 MB
H3R0-linux.zip 16 MB
H3R0-MAC.zip 17 MB


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Playing this game is like see a video with space button pressed! I like the introduction on this page, the idea of use one button, one narrative and one color but I don't like the lack of interactivity expecially when I see two arrows in the same place, who suggest me something that I can choose...