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I've made my first Game Jam game under 72 hours, and this is the most craziest thing I have ever worked on.

Now here's the story:

You are Jason Chelios.

You are prepareing for this weekend's pizza party at your backward.

However, the evil Pineapple lord has abducted you, sucked your soul out, shred it in millions of pieces,  and put them in self-replicating tomato monsters.

And now, you are in a grassy colosseum where you will be face a death match with tomato monsters that contain pieces of your own soul.

The only way to stay alive is to keep moving as much as you can. Standing still would be a kiss of death.

Luckily, the pizza delivery man located you where you're being held. Unfortunately, he cannot come in and rescue you. Instead, he drops your pizzas from the sky and you throw pizza slices at these tomatoes to get pieces of your soul back. No matter what, keep shooting.

Good luck.


W - forward 

A - turn left

D - turn right

Left Mouse Button - shoot

P - pause

R - reload

M - play/pause music


Tritsch Tratsch Polka - J. Strauss II (http://windy.vis.ne.jp/art/viewer_en/trischpolka.html)
I Idolize You - Cliff Martinez - soundtrack for Schizopolis
Son of Edison - Cliff Martinez 
Polkacide - Cliff Martinez 
Life is Beautiful - Riyou Kinugasa/Takuya Kobayashi/Hiromi Mizutani - soundtrack for Deadly Premonition

walking Jason - tokka (https://opengameart.org/content/top-down-runner)
tomatoes, pineapple, etc. - myself! and mostly public domains with Creative Commons license. 

all done by myself


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pizza_extreme_MacOSX_(ver.1.0.1).dmg 147 MB
Pizza_Extreme_Window_(ver.1.0.1).zip 127 MB
Pizza_Extreme_LINUX_(ver.1.0.1).zip 127 MB

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This game wasn't bad at all, reminded me of Asteroids back in the day. The only thing was that the timer is a tad to fast and you die several times. I did the running around and still died lol. Keep programming bud :-)

Hey, thank you for playing my game. I am not sure if I would revisit this and fix some of the mechanics, but I appreciate it for trying out.

BTW, how did you find my game to began with?


I clicked on the popular tab and was scrolling through pages of games picking some that sounded good, sounded odd and unusual and I came across yours :-) I ended up with a little over 600 games on my list lol.

Deleted 272 days ago

I tried this, but after download, I got errors so I deleted and tried again. Still

didn't work (Windows version)

I am surprised how you'd be interested in playing this game.

I will re-export it just for you.