Version 1.0.1 Update

Just fixed some of the problems in this game. Which including:

  • Turning speed - increased from 2.65 to 5. It's now much more faster and smoother than the previous version.
  • Putting binary and .pck files in one compressed folder.
  • Left Mouse Button is now shoot. Originally I wanted to give the game an arcade feel by making SHIFT key a shooting button but someone complained to me that it made the gameplay inconvenient. 
  • And some typos.


pizza_extreme_MacOSX_(ver.1.0.1).dmg 147 MB
Mar 28, 2018
Pizza_Extreme_Window_(ver.1.0.1).zip 127 MB
Mar 28, 2018
Pizza_Extreme_LINUX_(ver.1.0.1).zip 127 MB
Mar 28, 2018

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