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Sweetie Pie is a top-down shooter where you suck all people on your way and shoot at other tornadoes nearby. It is an entry for Godot Wild Jam 5 where its theme is either Natural Disaster or One Control. There are two modes in this game: the endless mode and 100 tornadoes mode. In 100 tornadoes mode, you can win the game if you defeat 100 tornadoes.

The title is named after a titular tornado character created by Henry Darger.


WASD keys - control tornado

Left Mouse Button - shoot

ESC key - pause


SweetiePie_window_ver_1.zip 10 MB
SweetiePie_linux_ver_1.zip 11 MB
Sweetie_Pie_MAC_ver1.zip 25 MB
SweetiePie_window_ver1.5.zip 10 MB
SweetiePie_linux_ver_1.5.zip 11 MB
Sweetie_Pie_MAC_ver1.5.zip 23 MB

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I must say, I didn't like it. It doesn't make too much sense, suddenly I stopped shooting, there were no visible, or at least intuitive, way to know how many...arrows (?) I had available.

I just replayed again and seems like "people" is equivalent to "ammo"? But is also recovers health...

Sound effect is quite annoying as well, maybe you could use AudioSampleRandomPitch to break the monotony.

Congratulations on finishing it! It's a really accomplishment and I'm sure you learned a lot.